Kanak Mani Dixit, 55, is publisher of Himal Khabarpatrika and editor of Himal Southasian. He has been a journalist since finishing high school in Lalitpur in 1971. He did his college in Kathmandu, law in Delhi, and masters (international affairs and journalism) in New York. He taught law briefly at Tribhuvan University, and worked at the United Nations in New York between 1982 and 1990. Since then, he has pioneered the field of Southasian journalism while immersing himself in Nepali-language media. Over the course of the late 1990s and early 2000s, he became involved in civil rights amidst the Maoist insurgency and King Gyanendra’s autocracy, and was active in the People’s Movement of 2006. Since then, Dixit has been involved in a campaign to roll back violence and work to ensure the promulgation of a democratic constitution. He also works in disability, public transport, archiving, and architectural and environmental preservation. As a children’s author, his most popular work is the much-translated Adventures of a Nepali Frog, Dixit is also translator of Bishweshor Prasad Koirala’s Atmabrittanta: Late Life Recollections, and in Fall 2009 he came out with Dekheko Muluk (The Country Witnessed), a Nepali-language work that addresses the violence and political upheavals of the previous fifteen years. His recent book “Peace Politics in Nepal” was released on 19 April, 2011 at Patan. The book deals with compelling issues that have swirled around the five-year-old peace process which started in 2006.

He was awarded the first Prince Claus Award to Nepal for “his outstanding contributions to public debate, for creating platforms that enable South Asians to connect, interact and network transcending national and cultural boundaries, and for his socially engaged, multi-disciplinary approach to creativity and development”.

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    देखेको मुलुक भित्रको पृष्टहरुलाई पल्टाउदै जादा अध्ययन गर्न पाईयो। “लिलीभिर”
    लिलीभिरको पन्नाहरुलाई पल्टाउदै जान्छु त्यति मेरो आत्मा आत्तालिदै जाने गर्थ्थो। त्यो काहाली लाग्दो भिरको केहि खण्डमा तपाई मरोपरान्त हुनेगरि बस्नु भएको क्षण । गुहार माग्दा तपाईको आवाजलाई वेवास्ता गर्दाका त्यो ताकाका समय।
    आज त्यो लिलिभिर बाट सिलाम निस्के झै हामीले कनकमणि दीक्षित सरको देखेको मुलुक पढ्न पाईयो।
    अन्तमा कनक सर आजकाल त्यो लिलिभिरले के स्वरुप बदलेको छ ?

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      Dear Mr. Dixit,

      I read your recent comment in The Hindu in which you discussed the need for South Asian countries to cooperate more closely. It is excellent. As the editor of the Frankfurt based magazine D+C Development and Cooperation with the website http://www.dandc.eu, I would like to get in touch with you. Perhaps we can cooperate occasionally – either with you personally or with someone from your editorial teams. Best wishes and thanks for your kind attention, Hans

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    Respected sir,

    I am from ETV Bharat, one of the largest digital platform from India. sir, wanted to interview you on current issues regarding Ind0-Nepal bilateral relations.

    Is it possible to speak to you tomorrow noon around 12 PM onwards, Indian Time?
    My number is 9650081135

    Braj Mohan
    ETV Bharat

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