Adventures of a Nepali Frog (PDF)

An excitable young froglet from Kathmandu Valley, who has “just reached his tadpole teens”, decides to travel through his country. Bhaktaprasad Bhyaguto goes where no frog has gone before. He rides a tin can downriver, treks past majestic peaks, rides porter-back, mule-back and yak-back to remote villages, and hops across a good part of Nepal before returning to Kathmandu in an airline pilot’s shirt pocket.

This description of Bhaktaprasad’s adventures through Nepal’s plains, hills and mountains presents authentic landscapes and unique characters. It brings the country to life for every reader young at heart, and helps build empathy for creatures, inclding humans, that inhabit the Nepali countryside.

Dowload pdf: Adventures of a Nepali Frog

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