On the Way Up

From HIMAL, Volume 2, Issue 4 (SEP/OCT 1989)

When Himal brought out its prototype issue in May 1987, there were well-wishers who expressed worries about the magazine’s sustainability. Since the prototype issue seemed to have covered every matter worth reporting, what would we do for subsequent issues?

Our standard answer was always been that the 37 million people of the Himalaya are not living in a vacuum. The question is not whether there are things to write about, but whether we have the writers and the resources to cover the numerous of interesting, infor­mative, educational events, ideas and trends with a bearing on Himalayan living.

Every other PhD thesis written about this region has something that is worth sharing with a larger audience. Every seminar organised, book written or intelligent conversation held, can get Himal’s antenna beeping.

Unlike the mainstream news­magazines, Himal does not have a large staff of resident writers and reporters. We rely mostly on the “expert” who un­derstands the need to communicate news and ideas to others.

For this magazine to fulfil its promise as the thinking person’s manual to the Himalaya, we need many more people who are willing to share infor­mation. Most experts hesitate to write in magazines because they feel that in simplifying their ideas for a general audience the scientific rigour of their theses will be compromised. Actually it all depends on how you write and how we edit. Serious ideas can be discussed in uncomplicated language.

We request all scientists and profes­sionals – economists, geologists, anthropologists, sociologists, physicists, meteorologists, geographers, demog­raphers, doctors, nurses, bureaucrats, educators, or MGAs — to consider writ­ing for Himal. Do send for your copy of our “Writing for Himal” brochure.


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